FAQs on rabbit bras | Everything about rabbit stick on bras

Question 1:

What is a rabbit bra?


Rabbit bra is a type of adhesive stick on bra in the shape of rabbit ears that sticks on your chest offering support and also lifts your breasts up to some degree.

It is ideal for wearing strapless, backless and halter neck outfits.

Question 2:

What are the rabbit bras made of?


The sticky part of the stick on rabbit bras is made with a medical-grade silicone of strong stickiness for maximum use.

However, the outer cover of rabbit bra is made of Polyester, so that it gives you a breathable experience and smooth look over the outfits.

Question 3:

Does rabbit bra work for a large bust?


Yes. Rabbit bras can work up to DD and E cup sizes. 

We offer rabbit bras in 4 sizes. 

The size 9 cm works for A/B cup sizes

The size 11 cm works for C cup sizes 

The size 13 cm works for D cup sizes 

The size 15.5 cm works for DD/E cup sizes

Be aware of brands that say rabbit bras can work for cup sizes F, G and above.

Question 4:

How long can the rabbit bras be worn everyday?


Rabbit bras can be worn every day for more than 10 hours. Silicone has low breathability, so it's suggested to not wear it too often or for too long.

Question 7:

Can you cut the ears of rabbit stick on bras?


Yes, you can cut the ears of rabbit bras and scale them according to your dress coverage so that the ears don't pop out of your outfits.

But, please remember that once cut, you can not retrieve the ears back to rabbit bras. 

Cutting the rabbit ears of the bunny bras doesn't effect the stickiness, but does reduce the coverage.

Question 8:

How many times can you use the rabbit bras?


Rabbit bra is predicted to last at least 30 times of usage if taken care of properly.

A rabbit bra is bound to lose its stickiness eventually after some use but they can be your firm supporter for long time if handled with care. 

Question 9:

How to make the rabbit bras sticky again?


Losing the adhesiveness of the rabbit bras is inevitable, though you can prolong the process and make the rabbit bras sticky again. It all starts with the right way of gently applying and taking them off.

When you’ve removed your bra, it’s time to make it sticky again!

Why? Even though you may not intend to wear it in the foreseeable future, if you don’t clean it right away, you might not even have the option to wear it again. The longer it sits after usage, the more time it has to collect dirt and grime.

So, to avoid getting entangled in a frustrating bra experience of removing superglued dirt and jelled on sweat, we suggest immediate cleaning!

Washing is the ultimate hack towards restoring the stickiness of the bra. It may suffice to ensure the stickiness regenerates itself.

Like magic, the bra dries on its own and eventually returns to its former sticky glory. Your sticky boobs will be ready to wear with that backless dress you’ve been saving for GNO, in no time!

And now they’re guaranteed to stay put during an entire night of dancing. It’ll feel like a whole new bra–no more worrying about potential nip slips!

Question 10:

How to protect the stickiness of the rabbit bra?


After every use, wash the rabbit bras to remove all dust and sweat from the sticky layer. Once they are dry, cover them again with the plastic film. (Don't throw the plastic film away)

If the plastic gets ripped while removing, then you can use any plastic cover or glad wraps to cover and protect the stickiness.

Question 11:

How to clean/wash the rabbit bras?


The rabbit bras should be hand washed only, using warm water and any liquid dish soap to remove body oil or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesive.

Use the palm of your hand in a circular motion to clean the rabbit bras.

Washing after every use is important to keep the tackiness of the adhesive.

Do not use a towel to dry. Do not expose it to the sun. Just let it air dry and then cover it with plastic film for next use.

Question 12:

Can breastfeeding women wear rabbit bras?


No, silicone has low breathability which is why rabbit bras or any other stick on bras is not advisable for breastfeeding women. 

Question 13:

How to apply the rabbit bra?


You can apply the rabbit bra perfectly following the steps below - 

Step 1. Wipe the breast with a warm towel. Wipe all oil, dirt, and sweat on the body. Make sure your breasts are dry before wearing the rabbit bra.

Pro Tip: Put your rabbit bra on in front of a mirror to get the fit symmetrical.

Step 2. Hold the rabbit bra by the outward edges and apply the cups one at a time.

Start from the bottom part of your boob while working your way upwards. This will make sure that you get the maximum lift from your rabbit bra.

Pro Tip: You should start from below the nipples but not underneath the breast (Yes! you heard it right) NOT underneath! Especially for women with large breast sizes.

Step 3. With the upper body leaning forward, attach the bra to the chest and flatten the edges. Make sure the nipples go into the non-sticky openings.

Step 4. Next, smooth the cups on the boobs to make sure that all the edges are nicely stuck on your boobs.

Step 5. For rabbit bras with closures, simply clasp the hook or bandage laces (whichever closure style you possess), when you’re done positioning both cups and have made sure that they stick in place.

Question 14:

How to care for rabbit bra?


The surface of the human skin has hair, sweat, bacteria, and other dirt. These things will stick to the rabbit bra, thus affecting the stickiness of the rabbit bra.

Follow the steps to care for your rabbit bras so that they can last way longer. 

1. Before use, always wash your chest skin thoroughly with shower gel or soap. After washing, dry your skin with a towel. Do not leave any watermarks. Your skin needs to be clean and dry in order for the adhesive to stick properly.

2. Don’t paste them on lotioned skin as the greasiness may shift them out of place. Make sure you don’t use any moisturizer or cream on your skin before applying the stick-on bra. 

3. When removing the bra, peel it gently. Peeling it off in a swift motion can make it lose its adhesive power.

4. Don't wear it for longer than 8 hours as it can cause skin irritation and also make the stickiness less effective due to long exposure in sweat.

5. After each use, simply rinse the rabbit bra with warm water below 30 ℃ and mild soap, then air dry. This will wash off oils, sweat, and dirt that gets stuck to the bra after it’s been worn all day long.

6. Once dry, put the clear plastic sheets that come with the bra on top to protect the adhesive. If you lose the plastic sheets, you can use glad wrap or something similar. 

7. Regular washing is important to keep the tackiness of the adhesive. Hand-wash only, using warm water and liquid dish soap to remove any body oil or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesive. Use the palm of your hand in a circular motion to clean. Do not use a towel to dry.

8. Do not expose it to heat and direct sunlight, air dry in the shade. Sweat and high temperatures may affect the stickiness of silicone.

Question 15:

Can you reuse rabbit bra?


Yes, the rabbit bra can be reused several times. It is predicted to last 30 usage if taken care properly.

Question 16:

Where to buy the rabbit bra?


We have the premium quality rabbit bras in all sizes and we ship worldwide. 

You can buy your pair of rabbit bras here.

Question 17:

How to store the rabbit bra?


You can store the rabbit bra in the original packaging where the plastic film covers the sticky area to keep it lint free.

If you don't lose the plastic sheet you can use glad wraps to cover the adhesive area to keep it ready for next use. Just make sure it is dry first before covering. 

Question 18:

Can you wash the rabbit bra?


Yes, of course you can wash the rabbit bras. 

Infact you should wash the rabbit bras after each use to retain it's stickiness and make it last longer. 

Question 19:

Are rabbit bras and wonda bras the same?


Yes, rabbit bras are also known as wonda bras or bunny bras. 

Question 20: 

Is rabbit bra good for small chest?


Yes, rabbit bras work great for small chests and cup sizes up to E. 

Question 21:

Where to find the rabbit bras for plus sizes?


You can find the rabbit bras for small to plus sizes below:


Do you have any questions that's not listed above? 

Let us know in the comments below and we will include the answer to it as well. 

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