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9 reasons to own a rabbit lift up invisible bra | Everything about stick on rabbit bras

Everything seemed like a fairy tale on Jessica's first-ever date with a guy she had a crush on. Dressed up in a sexy backless dress bought especially for this dreamy date, she looked beautiful.

They slow danced at Rhode Island with Bon Iver softly playing in the background after having exotic seafood. She felt like she was plopped into a Nicholas Sparks movie until he started to spin her.

As her arms went over her head, the sticky bra she wore with her backless dress dropped like it was hot.

She faced the most-awaited and most embarrassing situation of her life on that same day.

How she would have escaped such a bra nightmare?

Simply by using a strapless backless bra that actually does what it's intended to. Stick and stay.

This brings us to Rabbit bras - A special stick-on bra in the shape of rabbit ears that sticks strongly enough to make you feel secure in your backless and strapless outfits.

It helps you go backless, not braless, and minimizes bouncing, visible nipples, and back strain whenever possible. 

Sticks and stays, until you want it to be.

What are sticky bras?

Sticky bras, stick-on bras, or adhesive bras as they’re often called are the ones that are best described as strapless, backless bras that stick to the underside of the breasts using a medical-grade adhesive.

What are the problems with regular bras?

◾️ While regular bras give your assets the support they need, there is no denying that they’re really uncomfortable.😕

◾️ Your outfits get limited because either the color is showing or the lacy texture is visible under the figure-hugging dress.🙄 

◾️ Not just that, the straps jut out from tops and even if they’re carefully tucked behind, you’re always conscious about them falling or moving from a place.😶

◾️ Also, the tight band or underwire can leave you with deep rashes. Even the hooks at the back are very uncomfortable if you don’t like being restricted.😖

◾️ Many bras peek out from slinky outfits and that’s a big no-no!😑

    How are sticky bras better than regular bras?

    ◾️ Comfier to wear: Adhesive bras are softer and more flexible because you can just stick them on, which makes them comfier to wear. There are also no underwires poking into your underbust.

    ◾️ Widens the types of outfit you can wear easily: Lets you wear any strapless, backless and deep cut outfits with ease.

    ◾️ Prevents sagging: Any bra is basically designed to keep your breasts up but your muscles get used to that, and naturally lose the strength to keep your breasts firm. With sticky bras your natural breast muscles still have to do their job, thus preventing sagging.

    ◾️ Not too tight on the breasts: Another health hazard from bras is lymph node blocking. A tight bra doesn’t allow your breasts from draining lymphatic fluid and can even lead to breast cancer. However, with an adhesive bra, this isn’t the case as they allow more elasticity.

    ◾️ Gets your rid of straps and wires: No more skin abrasions caused by wires and ill-fitting pads because stick-on bras are much softer and don’t rub against your skin uncomfortably.

      Those are the reasons where stick-on bras come to the rescue being better than the regular bras.

      A sticky bra, however, offers less support than even a strapless bra, so if you hate wearing a strapless bra, you would hate wearing a sticky bra.

      And to make it worse, stores rarely let you try them before actually buying them as it would lose its stickiness with so many people just trying it out, which actually turns this into a guessing game for boob support.

      So, we went on a mission to create the perfect sticky invisible lift up bras.

      What would a perfect sticky bra be like?

      ◾️ Strong enough to keep your breasts hoisted up, gives you a nice round shape from all angles

      ◾️ Gets you sexy cleavage while also perfectly spacing your breasts apart (think less front butt, more Kim K)

      ◾️ It is discreet enough to wear it under deep cut or plunging V-necklines.

      Was that too much to expect out of a sticky bra?

      Here is what borne out of this mission - A rabbit lift up invisible bra!

      These are simply the sticky bras that have the shape of rabbit ears. 

      What makes it different from the ordinary stick-on bras is the way they have been designed with special focus to each detail that makes your life a lot more easier. 

      9 reasons why rabbit stick-on bra is not the First, but the Best backless strapless bra for you to own!

      1. Add some lift to your girls

      If you are blessed with A-B cup sizes, and you are looking for that extra little lift to push your boobs, then the rabbit lift up bra is the perfect stick-on bra for you.

      An extra boost will give your boobs fuller and rounder shape only when worn correctly.

      For C-D cup sizes, the lift will be minimal. But the super lightweight and thin padding gives your boobs the support they need.

      2. Feel more secure than ever

      Do you feel afraid that your sticky-on bras might last well for just the next 5 minutes and may fall off or move away from its place?

      However, that's not the issue with our rabbit lift up bra as it hugs your boobs with a snug fit not to last for just the next 5 minutes but until you want it to be.

      With the strongest adhesive ever, rabbit lift-up bra lasts all-day protecting your girls from bouncy ness, visible nipples, and keeps you away from the fear of your bra falling off.

      Rabbit bras feel secure enough and require no readjustments once it's stuck on your breast.

      3. Remove them away without ripping off your nipples

      Does your stick on bra offer a painless removal from the nipple area?

      Stick on bras feels more like a bandage over the nipples when the stickiness rips it off.

      The pain is unbearable for those with sensitive skin. Feels like a lot is to be sacrificed by you for the sake of wearing the dress of your choice.

      Keeping this problem in mind with other stick-on bras, the rabbit ear bra is created with an adhesive-free opening in the center. This helps the nipples to stay secure in the center while enjoying the support and painless removal.

      4. Slip-on the backless dress and dance the night way

      You found the dreamiest dress for the party this year but it’s backless. You obviously don’t want to rock it up in your everyday bra for the strap to interfere and ruin your outfit.

      Forget the nip slip, forget hideous bra straps on the show and Go backless in style with the rabbit bra.

      Whether you wish to shine in a backless sequin top or backless wedding dress, deep v rabbit bra has got you covered and gives you just what you need to feel confident all night long.

      Can you hear the dance floor call?

      5. Cut the rabbit ears and widen your neckline options

      You can cut down bunny bra ears according to the deep cut appearance of your dresses. This helps you to unlock a new set of necklines to pair it with like off shoulders, low cut, and plunging necklines.

      Cutting of rabbit ears does not affect the stickiness at all.

      6. Keep your breasts itching and irritation-free

      Does your adhesive bra feel sticky and sweaty on the breasts when worn for a long time?

      Our rabbit bras are made with skin-friendly and medical-grade silicone that does not cause skin irritation provided it's not worn for very long.

      The tiny heart-shaped openings in the sticky layer of the rabbit bra are adhesive-free. This helps the moisture or sweat to breathe out and does not cause skin irritation while having them on.

      This breathable construction helps retain the stickiness for longer.

      7. Don't forget it's there as it just feels braless

      Do you own a bra that you barely notice to be on?

      The thin edge and thicker padding of our bunny ear bra in the center provide a natural feel.

      It's so lightweight and comfortable. Just remember to take it off when you jump into bed because you might forget it's even there.

      8. Minimize discomfort and reduce back pain

      Many women especially those with large breasts complain about experiencing back pain. This is sometimes not because of the natural weight of your bust but because of straps biting into your shoulders constantly.

      Rabbit lift bra is available in large sizes, help you enjoy the support without the pain.

      The rabbit ear bra fits women with cup sizes anywhere between A-D with the following characterization:

      Size S/M (Diameter 9cm) fits A-B cup sizes.

      Size L (Diameter 11cm) fits C cup sizes.

      Size XL (Diameter 13cm) fits D cup sizes.

      ⚠️ Warning: Beware of brands that will misguide you by saying that the rabbit bra works for cup sizes larger than D as it doesn't.

      9. Show off your sexy cleavage

      Rabbit bra is great to show off some cleavage in your deep plunging V-neck outfits because they don't clasp in the middle like other stick-on bras.

      What type of outfits do the rabbit bras fit best with?

      ◾️ Halter 

      ◾️ Backless 

      ◾️ Daily tops and t-shirts

      Wait for a second! Going backless as well as diving deep with your neckline?

      Rabbit bra has got your back! 

      If you are thinking that the rabbit ears are too big to wear deep cut outfits, then you may just cut them off.

      Below we show you different ways in which you can cut them to widen your options of necklines and low-cut outfits with which you can pair the rabbit bras.

      ◾️ Off shoulders? Strapless/tube? Cut the ears horizontally as shown below

      Mura - The rabbit bra is the perfect stick-on bra with lift in the shape of rabbit ears. With the strongest adhesive, this stick-on bra keeps your boobs secure and stays in place while adding some lift to your girls. It is the best push up stick on bra to wear the backless, strapless, halter and deep V-neck outfits with confidence. If you are diving deep with your off shoulders where the rabbit ears may pop out, then simply cut them horizontally.

      ◾️ Deep V- plunging neckline? Cut the cups and ears with a curve as shown below

      Mura - The rabbit bra is the perfect stick-on bra with lift in the shape of rabbit ears. With the strongest adhesive, this stick-on bra keeps your boobs secure and stays in place while adding some lift to your girls. It is the best push up stick on bra to wear the backless, strapless, halter and deep V-neck outfits with confidence. If you want to wear the plunging deep necklines, simply curve out the rabbit ears as shown.

      ◾️ Broad V neck or sweet necklines? Cut the ears diagonally as shown below

      Mura - The rabbit bra is the perfect stick-on bra with lift in the shape of rabbit ears. With the strongest adhesive, this stick-on bra keeps your boobs secure and stays in place while adding some lift to your girls. If you wish to wear a one shoulder or deep neckline where the rabbit ears may pop out, simply cut them diagonally and it does not affect the stickiness at all.

      Steps to perfectly wear the rabbit bra

      Step 1. Wipe the breast with a warm towel. Wipe all oil, dirt, and sweat on the body. Make sure your breasts are dry before wearing the rabbit bra.

      Pro Tip: Put your rabbit bra on in front of a mirror to get the fit symmetrical.

      Step 2. Hold the rabbit bra by the outward edges and apply the cups one at a time.

      Start from the bottom part of your boob while working your way upwards. This will make sure that you get the maximum lift from your rabbit bra.

      Pro Tip: You should start from below the nipples but not underneath the breast (Yes! you heard it right) NOT underneath! Especially for women with large breast sizes.

      Step 3. With the upper body leaning forward, attach the bra to the chest and flatten the edges. Make sure the nipples go into the non-sticky openings.

      Step 4. Next, smooth the cups on the boobs to make sure that all the edges are nicely stuck on your boobs.

      Step 5. For rabbit bras with closures, simply clasp the hook or bandage laces (whichever closure style you possess), when you’re done positioning both cups and have made sure that they stick in place.

      How to make the rabbit bras sticky again?

      Losing the adhesiveness of the rabbit bra is still inevitable, though you can prolong the process. It all starts with the right way of gently applying and taking them off.

      When you’ve removed your bra, it’s time to make it sticky again!

      Yes, you read that right. You want to make your bra sticky as soon as you take it off.

      Why? Even though you may not intend to wear it in the foreseeable future, if you don’t clean it right away, you might not even have the option to wear it again. The longer it sits after usage, the more time it has to collect dirt and grime.

      So, to avoid getting entangled in a frustrating bra experience of removing superglued dirt and jelled on sweat, we suggest immediate cleaning!

      Washing is the ultimate hack towards restoring the stickiness of the bra. It may suffice to ensure the stickiness regenerates itself.

      Like magic, the bra dries on its own and eventually returns to its former sticky glory. Your sticky boobs will be ready to wear with that backless dress you’ve been saving for GNO, in no time!

      And now they’re guaranteed to stay put during an entire night of dancing. It’ll feel like a whole new bra–no more worrying about potential nip slips!

      Additionally, there are a couple of tips to help protect the adhesive on your bra. Read the section below.

      Care Instructions (Your care defines how long these rabbit bras last)

      A rabbit bra is bound to lose its stickiness eventually after some uses, they are predicted to wear out after 10 times of usage if not taken care of properly.

      The surface of the human skin has hair, sweat, bacteria, and other dirt. These things will stick to the rabbit bra, thus affecting the stickiness of the rabbit bra.

      But if you follow the following steps to care for your rabbit bras, they can last way longer. 

      1. Before use, always wash your chest skin thoroughly with shower gel or soap. After washing, dry your skin with a towel. Do not leave any watermarks. Your skin needs to be clean and dry in order for the adhesive to stick properly.

      2. Don’t paste them on lotioned skin as the greasiness may shift them out of place. Make sure you don’t use any moisturizer or cream on your skin before applying the stick-on bra. 

      3. When removing the bra, peel it gently. Peeling it off in a swift motion can make it lose its adhesive power.

      4. Don't wear it for longer than 8 hours as it can cause skin irritation and also make the stickiness less effective due to long exposure in sweat.

      5. After each use, simply rinse the rabbit bra with warm water below 30 ℃ and mild soap, then air dry. This will wash off oils, sweat, and dirt that gets stuck to the bra after it’s been worn all day long.

      6. Once dry, put the clear plastic sheets that come with the bra on top to protect the adhesive. If you lose the plastic sheets, you can use glad wrap or something similar. 

      7. Regular washing is important to keep the tackiness of the adhesive. Hand-wash only, using warm water and liquid dish soap to remove any body oil or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesive. Use the palm of your hand in a circular motion to clean. Do not use a towel to dry.

      8. Do not expose it to heat and direct sunlight, air dry in the shade. Sweat and high temperatures may affect the stickiness of silicone.

        Keep these points in mind and your bra will be your firm supporter for a long long time!

        Downsides of rabbit bra.

        Nothing good exists without a few negatives. The full disclosure of these rabbit bras calls for the following setbacks:

        ◾️ It can't be worn by breastfeeding women.

        ◾️ Not to be worn every day for more than 8 hours. Silicone has low breathability, so it's suggested to not wear it too often or for too long.

        ◾️ Not recommended for sheer, transparent or thin clothing, as the shape is visible in such outfits

        ◾️ Cutting the rabbit ears does not affect the stickiness but does reduce the coverage.

        ◾️ Protects nipples from stickiness, but not the areola.

        ◾️ For cup sizes bigger than D, rabbit bras can only be used as nipple covers.

        Do you have any unanswered query related to our rabbit lift up invisible bra?

        Post in the comments below and I will answer you within 24 hrs.

        And if you want to buy this tiny wonder caller "rabbit bras" then click below:

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        • Pearl

          Hello i found that if i use glad wrap to put bra onto it sticks and ruins the bra as you cant remove the bra back off the glad wrap, but if you use baking paper you can use it time after time and the bra removes easily

        • Muselot

          @Theresa – Did you buy from us? I can’t find an order on your name.

        • Theresa Viljoen

          I just got mine showered dried my skin thoroughly bit it keeps on coming loose why is that?

        • Muselot

          The rabbit bra is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

        • Megan

          How well does the rabbit bra do when pregnant or breastfeeding?

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