Hip resistance fitness bands

Push yourself harder!

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself harder. These hip resistance bands help to increase the difficulty level of exercises that your body is used to. By adding resistance to an exercise it helps you increase the gains from it.

Why should you grab this one specifically?

They aren't too stretchy: They offer little elasticity that encourages you to go the extra mile to perform better workouts. The more you try to stretch the band, the more intense the resistance gets and the harder the exercise becomes. This increased tension in your muscles, causing them to contract and strengthen.

Activate and strengthen your glute muscles: Takes glute gains to a whole new level. By acting as a barrier in your squats, lunges and other intense exercises, it will increase the range of motion in your glutes and make it stronger.

Harder and firmer( Does not roll up, slip or slide off): Unlike the latex/rubber bands it stays in place whether you lunge, squat or do intense workouts. You will be able to workout without the pain of the bands rolling down or always stopping to adjust the band's position.

No danger of elastic snapping: Made with perfect cotton and polyester blend, it ensures that you do not have to deal with elastic snapping or bands stretched out of shape.

Correct postures reduce lower body pain and strengthen glute muscles: If you have a desk job, or you lack flexibility and mobility then you may develop weak hips over time. These bands can become a fantastic addition to your stretching routine and enable you to increase the range of motion discouraging tight or stiff muscles. Many find there lower body pains to fade with consistent hip circles workout.

Lightweight and portable: Easily stashed in a backpack. Carry it to the gym, pilates class, work or on vacation with ease.

No rashes to your skin: Made with a soft cotton blend, it is of premium quality. Won't pinch, pull or add rashes to your skin when used on bare legs.

Suitable for any fitness level: Both men and women at any fitness level can use these bands at any fitness level.

Designed to be the perfect length for anyone.

How to choose the color?

  • This item is chosen by the weight.
  • if you are under 55 KG, you can choose the red one
  • if you are 55-120 KG, you can choose the blue one 
  • if you over the 120KG, you can choose the yellow one

Delivery Time

Due to high demand and different warehouse locations, the product may take 12-25 days to reach your doorstep. 


  • Product name: Hip resistance band 
  • Color: Red/Yellow/Blue
  • Material: Cotton
  • Levels: Low, Medium and Heavy
  • Function: Fitness Workout

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