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Keep calm and Wear a hand sanitizer in your hands 🙌

Of all things considered, 2020 coronavirus outbreak made sure to include just one more thing to your best friend's list- Sanitizers!

It began with simply bottled sellouts, but see how we have progressed, offering you the all-new hand sanitizer wristband.

No more reaching out to the purses or bags for sanitizer, just a simple squeeze will maintain hygiene all day long.

Press the band to spread love, not germs. 🦠

Back in the good old days when going out was considered normal, we used to judge our friends for carrying hand sanitizers with them but look at us now, they seem to be the only wise ones among us clowns.

How the times have changed!? sighs 🤷‍♀️

Carry fewer things in your purse and bags.

Make your purse lighter and your car more organized using this free band that provides you with a sufficient amount of sanitizers while you're on the go.

Fill it once and use it all day!

Just fill in your choice of scented sanitizer

Oh! In a mood for a strawberry perfumed sanitizer instead of your regular lemon one?
Open the lid and pump it full.

See you later, virusgators - you say
And you are done for the day! 🧴

Wash it, Reuse it, And Love it

The bands are washable and RE wearable. They are the future, get your hands on them before everyone else.

Fashion has a way to express, you won't regret bringing home these advanced gizmos. 🥰

The Best is yet to come!

Just when you think that it couldn't get better, our wristbands delivers you the best idea for a birthday present.

Whether it is your doctor friend or your aunt working at the health & service department, they wouldn't be happier with a gift as perfect as this one.👩‍⚕️

So if anyone ever asks you, ”did you bring your sanitizer?”
A handshake would be your answer. ✌️

It's a super-easy way to stay safe in this crazy time.

Comes with an easy refill bottle

Insert the refill bottle into the valve to refill the hand sanitizer in the band anytime.

Fits all sizes

The band is adjustable, so anyone from your children or parents can wear it easily and stay germ-free 24/7.


Package Contents: 1 instant dispenser band + 1 refill bottle (sanitizer not included)

Material: silicone

Capacity: The band holds 10 ml of liquid sanitizer enough to use all day.

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