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Premium Magsafe Clear Case

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All hail the new iPhone case in the store

The tech creators did it again!

We welcome the brand-new way to protect your phone as well as its original design.

Created with the supreme and cream materials assembled from all over the world, our new MagSafe transparent iPhone cover is just the right invention that fits you in our growing hi-tech planet.

With the in-built magnets that stick right to the iPhone, our MagSafe case truly takes wireless charging to a whole new level whilst being the best bulletproof vest for your precious iPhone in the whole market.

All you need is to put the case on, then the MagSafe will do its trick.

But what is MagSafe?

Apart from being the most demanded and praised technology started by apple inc, it works wonders in the field of wireless charging with its magnetic superpowers.

Our MagSafe iPhone case is another by-product of this magnetic technology, which will have you go bananas. The powerful force of the magnetic ring won’t separate your case from the MagSafe charger even if the heavens ask for it.

The MagSafe logo at the back of the case lets you flaunt this new gizmo with style.


While offering you a bulletproof vest entailed with three layers of solid protection, it still is just 1 mm thin keeping the original design of your apple in check.

It’s thin, it’s light and it’s protective! A dream case turned into reality


The reason why MagSafe shines out all the other covers currently is because of the magical magnetic layer with auto attraction. The attractive force is even more powerful than your past high school crushes, you might have failed to win them but do not miss out on this gem. (Our case won’t turn you down, unlike your *coughs* crush)

The order and alignment of the magnets are such that it doubles the magnetic force making it harder to shift and fall out of your clumsy hands.

It’s a win-win case for you all.


For anyone who cannot escape their fate of being a Dropper, the polycarbonate layer will surely not let your fate ruin your iPhone.

Drop it on the ground or in your tub, the special pc layer reinforced in our case offers solid protection from accidental drops and shocks. The high-quality PC delivers High-definition transparency which brings out the natural beauty of your iPhone.

What’s more? With our transparent MagSafe case, the yellowing effect of clear cases will be a thing of the past.

The yellow just fell off the stair-CASE


Do you struggle with not being able to touch your phone while eating for the reason of getting the stubborn grease and oil on your case? What if your boss calls, or you have to hop on to the next episode of your current series?

The anti-grease layer in our MagSafe case is the saving grace to all your problems. The coating makes sure there’s no trace of oil, grease, dust, and even your fingerprints on your clear MagSafe cover.

The curious case of missing fingerprints ;)

Knowing how well our MagSafe cover has been fashioned with this scratch-resistant coating, it will surely be a better and new experience for the users.

Adding into the bargain, our transparent MagSafe case embraces a few more exquisite features-

Shield your camera lens from scratches so as for you to enjoy perfect captures of your friends or you striking those vogue-style poses.

A heightened design of the lens ring with a strong grip makes it possible to place your phone flat on a desktop and safeguards your phone from the everyday bumps and thumps.

and most importantly, our MagSafe case will take you on a new ride of a faster charging experience. When in a hurry, snap on your charger and leave the case on!

Now, this charging masterpiece definitely belongs to be on your phone.

It’s time to switch from your boring phone covers to MagSafe.

MagSafe is the future

And the future awaits you.

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