Professional nail brush cleaner (60 ml)

Return your nail brushes back to their soft and gentle form!

This nail brush cleaner liquid solution can retrieve the softness and original form of your nail brushes. 

Ensure the smooth finish on your nails

Often the bristles of our nail brushes soak gel, acrylic or dip powder colors and lose their shape, which makes the nail brushes hard and we never get a smooth result of our manicures. 

This nail brush cleaner can be used at those times to bring back that ultra-smooth finish on your nails.

Easily switch the nail colors

While doing that perfect nail art or french gradient effect, you need to switch the colors multiple times. During those moments, this nail brush cleaner could be your friendly tool as it can take off all the color from the brush and make it transparent to pour in the next color. 

Avoids mixing and messing up of colors.

Never throw your favorite nail polish 

It's hard to find the brush spare pieces of nail polishes. This is why we never use those nail polishes whose brushes have been destroyed. 

Now you don't need to throw those nail polishes and can bring back the original glory to them by cleaning off their brushes using this cleaner and making it all-new.

Protect the strands of your nail brushes

This nail brush cleaner can be used to protect the strands of a brush to stay the way they are.

After every few manicures, you can protect the brushes by dipping them into this liquid.


Keep them out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with skin, in case of skin irritation stop the usage and seek medical advice. 

No eye and tongue contact can cause serious problems.

How to use this nail brush cleaner liquid solution?

  • Pour a small quantity of nail brush cleaner in a crystal cup (an ordinary cup can also be used)

  • Soak your nail brushes in the cleaner liquid solution for 1-2 minutes

  • Smoothen the brush and drip off the excess liquid from brushes on the edge of the cup.

  • Use paper towels to absorb the remaining liquid left on the nail brush.


You did an awesome job saving your nail brushes which have now returned to their original glory like magic!


  • Type: Professional nail brush cleaner for dip manicures, nail gel manicures or acrylic manicures.
  • Net quantity: 60 ml / 2.1 fl oz
  • Main ingredient: Acetone

Delivery Time

Due to high demand and different warehouse locations, the product may take 12-25 days to reach your doorstep. 

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