Nightglow nail dip powders

😍 Get ready for a nail dip manicure with the luminous effect in the dark!

Bring some fun to your dip nails at home with the tangy neon effect in dark using these nightglow nail dip powders.

✨ Yes! It glows in the dark

These fluorescent nail dip powders make your nails glow in dark like fireflies!

🌈 Not at all chalky

Super tiny and finely crushed pigments that are smooth to touch and not at all chalky. You would have no problem with sanding and this nightglow dip powder would never shred because they are so well pigmented.

🎨 Dramatic colors

Made in 11 dramatic neon shades that symbolizes a relatable object or feeling you can connect with. 

💁‍♀️ No professional skills required

Unlike the nail gel manicures, this dip manicure does not require constant focus and expertise to avoid chips, crack, uneven, unsmooth nail do.

Even if you are an absolute amateur, you could easily apply them with the perfection of a nail tech.

They typically require less precision than other manicure types since the dip powder manicure only adheres to the sealant (and not your cuticles) when you brush it on.

☀️ Does not need UV/LED lamps for a cure

Unlike the nail gel manicures, there's no need to put your hands in UV/LED light and are typically a much quicker process to apply dip powder nail polish from start to finish. They use a special sealant called nail dip activator instead of UV lamps to cure the powder.

Not only does that save your time at the nail salon, but it also eliminates the risk of damaging your skin cells under the exposure of UV lamps.

💪 Stronger than gel, lasts like acrylics

Don't you hate the process of sitting under the dryers for a gel manicure and finding a chip a few hours later after cleaning dishes or opening packages?

Well, you can switch to these dip manicures whose strength and texture lies between gel and acrylics. They are stronger than gel and not too hard as acrylic. It almost never chips, breaks or peels off and can last up to a month.

In dip nails vs gel, dip absolutely wins for a no-chip manicure experience.

Adds strength to nail extensions

Many nail technicians use dip powder manicure to make nail extensions stronger and not peel off easily.  Adding layers of dip powder nail colors over the glued extension can make your extension gain strength of a natural nail. 

💅 How to do dip nails at home?

For a professional-looking precise dip manicure using these dip powder nail colors (which ain't difficult at all) follow the simple steps along:

1.) Prepare your nails by removing cuticles and buffing the surface.

2.) Apply a thin dip base coat.

3.) Dip the entire nail into the container of your dip powder nail colors.

4.) Brush off the excess dip powder.

5.) Apply a second coat of dip base

6.) Apply the dip base coat again then dip the nails back into the container to achieve the desired smile.

7.) Again brush off the excess powder for a smooth surface using a soft brush. 

8.) Use the Dip Activator or sealant to transform the rough powdery layers into smooth and glossy nails.

9.) Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer

10.) Apply dip top coat to seal your manicure with lasting shine.

Voila! You are done with a gorgeous no chip dip manicure at-home. No technicians needed.


Although there are many advantages to this dip manicure, they are a bit hard to remove as compared to nail gel polishes. 

Check out the section below to know how to easily remove dip powder manicure at home.

🧼 How to soak off the dip nails?

1.) Begin the removal process by using the medium to coarse grit hand file to sand the shiny top layer of your manicured nails. This will allow the acetone to penetrate the dip powder much faster.

Be sure to apply light to medium pressure to remove most of the color as this will reduce the time to soak off dip nails.

2.) Trim or file your nails if needed and brush off any dust.

3.) Soak a lint-free cloth in acetone and place it directly on the nails.

4.) Wrap the finger in aluminum foil to secure the acetone. Repeat the same for each nail.

5.) Quick hack to speed the removal process: Wrap your entire hand in a warm towel and set a timer for 8-10 minutes.

6.) Removal the towel and wipe off any residue of dip powder with the lint-free cloth. 

Congrats! If you performed those steps, you saved some bucks that you would spend for the same process in an expensive nail salon!

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  • Type: Dip manicure nail polish colors
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