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Scroap - a makeup brush cleaner set

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Soap. Scrub. Rinse.

Scroap is a makeup brush cleaner that has all you need to let your confidence shine!Ā šŸ˜Ž

With each use, your makeup brushes are coated with more than just the makeup residue. They pick up on body oils ( šŸ˜µĀ sebum), dead skin ( šŸ¤¢Ā Yuck! ), and airborne dust and dirt ( šŸ˜±Ā what?).

But don't freak out, with the genius combination of soap and scrub mat in this makeup brush cleaner, even the laziest of lazies can wash their makeup tools with ease.Ā 

The dirty makeup brushes caked with makeup buildup not only make the application process challenging (blending is hard when you fluffy brush is more like a clumpy brush), but also are notorious for collecting bacteria affecting the skin health.

In such a case, soap is not the only thing you need. You'll also need to round up a few supplies to help with scrubbing. If you try to get that makeup stuck on the bristles by scrubbing vigorously with your hands, you may damage the ferrule or the shape of your brushes.Ā 

ScroapĀ ensures that your brushes last longer without the need to scrub that month's old makeup residue with your hands.

šŸ¤” Why Scroap isĀ the best makeup brush cleaner ever?

1. Prevents any bacteria from touching the skin

The most dangerous consequence of the dirty makeup brushes is that they become the playground for bacteria that can cause skin problems such as acne breakouts and possible infection.

This makeup cleanerĀ deep cleanses your makeup brushes to get all the makeup, dirt and grime off them.Ā 

2. Alcohol-free and ideal to remove that stubborn makeup

The high alcohol content instant makeup cleaners is a quick cleaning process to remove the surface makeup but will not get embedded makeup and debris out of your makeup brushes.

Also, these instant cleansers leave a film of cleaning agents. That's why washing comes necessary.

Our silicone scrubber makeup cleaner is free of alcohol and is great for removing stubborn makeup (creamy and waxy) from both natural hair and synthetic fibre makeup brushes.

3. Cuts down the time of cleaning your brushes by well over half

This silicone scrub mat and soap cleanser don't require you to scrub the brushes for hours with your hands. The scrubber pad is designed toĀ not let your hands get sore in attempting to wring all the makeup and water out of the bristles.

It does not require vigorous scrubbing and wringing. Just needs a gentle swirl on the scrub mat to get all those crusty oldĀ makeup bases off the brushes.

4. Smells fabulous

The soap cleanser smells clean andĀ does not leave a strong fragrance on your brushes. ItĀ contains Vitamin E and coconut oil to restore your brushes and beauty blender sponges back to their original glory.

5. Compact and perfect for travels

The authentic way to clean the makeup brushesĀ requires you to carryĀ soap, shampoo or big scrub mats to roll out in the sink while you are on the go.Ā 

The thoughtful design of this makeup cleaner combines the soap and scrub mat, in a small jar which is portable enough to throw into your luggage without a second thought of running out of space.

Ensure hygiene even when you areĀ traveling.

6. Perfect gift for makeup lovers

Apart from the inventive designing for simplifying the process of brush cleaning to keep your skin healthier, this set of metal jars comes stacked in a sleek black box. The lids on the jar screw on for added security. When you would open them, the soap has a plastic wrap to keep it fresh.Ā 

The high-quality packaging makes it ideal for gifting purposes especially to those who love makeup.

7. Quick and easy to clean in just 4 steps

Step 1. Just dip the dirty bristles in water.

Step 2. Swirl it around the soap cake for an easy froth

Step 3. Swirl again on the pink scrubber or the silicone mat for a deeper cleanse

Step 4. Rinse and you are done.

šŸ„³Ā Holiday sale:Ā  A free GiftĀ 

We complete this brush cleaner set with our free gift.

Make this new year a much healthier one while checking off the bad habit lists of keeping your brushes unclean with our dry sponge pad makeup brush cleaner.

The primary use of this sponge pad is to switch colors while applying makeup blushes, eyeshadows, and powders with the same brush or to brush off the excess powder.

šŸ¤ØĀ Why is it essential in your makeup kit?

1. Use the same brush for eyeshadow, glitters and then a translucent powder

The simple canister with a black sponge can be used toĀ rub your brushes against it and it would remove all theĀ glitters, eyeshadow or blush colors so that it is not carried on your skin when you apply translucent powder with the same brush.Ā 

2. Switch eye-shadow colors without the mix of colors

Simply glide the brush on the sponge pad for easily switching colors without the need to do a full wash. It makes it much easier to blend different colors easily and cleanly.Ā 

Just rub the makeup brush over the sponge pad in a circular motion until all the colors are gone. You can move the brush over a white tissue to assure it's clean.

3. Compact for travels and easy to clean

The dust gets accumulated at the bottom of the tin which can be cleaned easily after multiple uses as it is washable and also reversible. Easy to pack for travel.

šŸšš Delivery Time

Due to high demand and different warehouse locations, the product may take 12-20 days to reach your doorstep.

āš™ļø Features

Type: Scroap- A simple makeup brush cleaner set of soap with scrub mat and sponge cleaning pad.

Material:Ā Soap, Sponge, Silicone

The diameter of the tin cans: 7.4 cms approximately

In the package: 2 tin cans (1 of the soap with scrub mat, and 1 of the sponge cleaning pad)

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