Stainless steel cake, pie and bread slicer and server at MuselotStainless steel cake, pie and bread slicer and server at Muselot
  • Easier than traditional cake servers

    It just takes one swift motion to cut and serve and there isn't any need to balance the slice on a fork or knife. Loved it

    - Allice Castillo

  • Practical and hygienic

    We no longer have to use hands or shovel to hold the cake when we transfer the slices to the plates. Very clever and also divides equal shares so that no one is eyeballing your slice. Very nice and easy to clean as well.

    - Ebony Yundt

  • A magnificent slicer for slicing cake or breads

    The product looks good, the curved cut from beneath gives you a little elevation for your fingers during cutting. A little bit sharp, watching minors while using is needed but still it is much safer than knifes.

    - Loredana Buaga

  • Safer and easier than knives and shovels

    It's very manageable and works like a charm. Even my little ones can use this without the risk of cutting their hands.

    - Nicole Lebreton

  • Love the evenly cut slices

    I liked the idea of being able to cut consistent servings (of cake). The actual use is just as straight-forward as I hoped. The edges of the cake slicer are sharp, so it cuts the cake as cleanly as a knife would.

    - Renee Crist

  • Great gift for my baker

    My granddaughter loves baking, especially cheesecakes. This handy gadget has made cutting and serving cheesecakes so much easier for her. She loves it!

    - Lynn Schimmel

  • Very handy & easy to clean

    Made my meals at work so much easier when I was able to cut our desserts ahead of time and pretty evenly so I had enough to go around.

    - Will Flatley

  • Feels professional

    It does the cutting and the serving all at once. Makes me look like a professional hostess and server. Less troublesome than using a knife and there are fewer tools to clean up later.

    - Martin Antoine

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