Premium knitted warm socks - MuselotPremium knitted warm socks
  • Mom loved them

    I got them for me and my mom. My mom told me that it even helps with the pain in her knees during winters. Highly recommend these.

    - Tatyana Laffray

  • Very stretchable and warm

    Wow, the socks are so beautiful and thick. They are stretchy enough for people like me with thick calves/thighs.

    - Eugene Jobert

  • Pairs well with boots

    Socks like this are so hard to find and I love wearing them with my leggings and boots.

    - Anna Van

  • I am glad that they don't keep falling down

    They are pretty flexible and don't fall down, stays in place and keeps my legs warm!

    - Marie Tytler

  • Need more colors now

    These work great with my lace-up boots. They reach over my knees, even folded them a little. I'm definitely buying another pair of these!

    - Demi Berg

  • Ideal for winters!!

    These are super warm. With arthritis in my knees they would be a lifesaver.

    - Michele Dach

  • Must-have

    Great stocking stuffers for my girls!!!

    - Olivie Delaunay

  • So warm!

    They do not slide down like other leg warmers and look beautiful with boots.

    - Zena Sporer

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